French Open Maria Sakkari: The Rise of Greece’s Tennis Star


When it comes to tennis, there’s no denying that the French Open is one of the most prestigious events in the world. And in 2021, fans witnessed the rise of a new star – Maria Sakkari. This talented tennis player from Greece has been making waves in the tennis world with her impressive performances and remarkable breakthrough in the French Open.

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Early Life and Career

Sakkari was born on July 25, 1995, in Athens, Greece. Her parents, Angelikí Kanellopoúlou and Konstantinos Sakkari, were both professional athletes. Her mother was a top-ranking volleyball player, while her father played professional tennis and coached her until she was 18.

Sakkari began playing tennis at the age of six and quickly rose through the ranks in the junior circuit. She won her first ITF Junior tournament in 2011 and reached a career-high ranking of No. 3 in the world in 2013. In the same year, she turned pro and started playing in ITF and WTA tournaments.

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Breakthrough in 2021 French Open

Despite her early success in the junior circuit, Sakkari struggled to make a significant impact in the professional circuit. It wasn’t until 2021 that she finally made a breakthrough in the French Open. She defeated some of the world’s top players, including Sofia Kenin and reigning champion Iga Świątek, to reach the semifinals.

In the semifinals, Sakkari faced off against Barbora Krejčíková, another rising star in the tennis world. Although Sakkari put up a valiant effort, she ultimately lost the match in three sets. Nevertheless, her performance in the tournament was nothing short of extraordinary, and it marked a turning point in her career.

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Career Achievements

While the 2021 French Open was undoubtedly Sakkari’s biggest breakthrough, she has had several notable achievements throughout her career. In 2018, she reached her first WTA final at the Silicon Valley Classic and broke into the top 50 of the WTA rankings. In 2019, she reached the semifinals of the Rabat Open and the Round of 16 at the US Open.

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In 2020, Sakkari won her first WTA title at the Grampians Trophy in Melbourne. Later that year, she reached the quarterfinals of the Western & Southern Open and the Italian Open, where she defeated Serena Williams in the Round of 16.

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Playing Style and Strengths

Sakkari’s playing style is characterized by her athleticism, power, and defensive skills. She has a strong serve and a powerful forehand that she uses to dictate the pace of the game. She also has excellent footwork and defensive skills, which allow her to retrieve seemingly impossible shots.

One of Sakkari’s biggest strengths is her mental toughness. She has a never-say-die attitude on the court and is known for her ability to come back from seemingly impossible situations. This resilience has helped her win several close matches and make crucial breakthroughs in her career.

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Impact on Greek Tennis

Sakkari’s success in the tennis world has had a significant impact on Greek tennis. She is currently the highest-ranked Greek tennis player in history, and her performances have inspired a new generation of tennis players in the country.

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Her success has also helped raise the profile of tennis in Greece and has attracted more attention and investment to the sport. Several new tennis facilities have been built in the country, and more young players are taking up the sport in the hopes of following in Sakkari’s footsteps.

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Maria Sakkari’s rise in the tennis world is nothing short of extraordinary. Her performances in the 2021 French Open have cemented her status as one of the rising stars in the sport, and her achievements throughout her career are a testament to her hard work and dedication. Her success has also had a significant impact on Greek tennis and has inspired a new generation of players in the country. With her talent, mental toughness, and determination, the future looks bright for Maria Sakkari.